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Meet, exchange and collaborate between companies and digital initiatives

The Digital Skills Matchmaking (DSMM) is back in 2023 and will take place on June 29th

This event aims to facilitate exchanges and create win-win digital partnerships between companies and digital initiatives.

Such initiatives can include associations and NGOs, public actors, schools, training providers, research organisations, and grassroots initiatives. They are committed to the digital field and want to make a positive difference in society.

Is your company willing to participate in the DSMM event in June? Then we are pleased to invite you to a preparatory lunch workshop.

During this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Develop your knowledge about innovative partnerships.
  • Identify what you can offer to digital initiatives (skills-based sponsorship, volunteering, material donations, loan of space, etc.).
  • Identify any obstacles and levers that your organisation may face in implementing innovative partnerships.