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The Chamber of Commerce, in collaboration with the House of Training, is pleased to organise the conference « Learning to meet the challenges of AI » organised as part of the European Year of Skills with the support of the European Commission Representation in Luxembourg.

In line with the European Union’s priority of promoting the development of skills, the aim of the conference is to highlight the importance of learning and continuing vocational training in Luxembourg, by placing the learner at the centre of our thinking and our concerns, particularly those relating to the optimum transmission of knowledge and know-how.

Given the far-reaching changes facing our society, young people and adults need to be able to rise to the challenges of skilling and successfully adapting to the demands of the world of work. In this changing context, how can we promote effective learning, what methods exist to accelerate the acquisition of skills, what are the limits of human learning and how will learning be transformed under the influence of the growing power of artificial intelligence?

The conference will shed light on the contribution of neuroscience to learning and how it relates to Education 4.0, and even to changes in corporate training strategies. It will show the new opportunities offered by AI.