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The Chambre des Métiers, in collaboration with the Enterprise Europe Network and Luxinnovation, invites you to the next session of the Innovation Club – Robotics in the Craft Industry.

Automation is an undeniable mega-trend in the industrial sector, and it’s steadily making its way into craft businesses as well. Robot cells are now capable of being seamlessly incorporated into various operations such as welding, glueing, sewing, or painting. Regardless of whether these robots are collaborative or not, their significance extends beyond mere productivity enhancements. They offer viable solutions to address the challenges of labour shortages and the physically demanding nature of specific tasks. Nevertheless, it remains crucial to have a comprehensive grasp of the diverse possibilities when planning the effective integration of a robotic cell. While a collaborative robot might not always be the ideal solution, it can facilitate previously unattainable automation with traditional robots.

As part of our Innovation Club, we will be exploring the current state of robotics as it applies to the craft industry. We will also have the privilege of watching a demonstration featuring a traditional robot and a collaborative robot set up by No Nail Boxes in the manufacturing process of their folding wooden boxes.