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Visit the coding school 42 premises during their open day at 14 Porte de France in Esch-Belval, from 14:00 to 18:00!

Positioned at the heart of a historical area, the campus is located in the new urban district of Belval in the southern region of the country. Historically, this area served as a focal point for one of Luxembourg’s most thriving industries, the steel manufacturing sector, until the mid-20th century. As the tertiary sector gradually gained prominence in the economy, the region was largely abandoned. However, Belval now stands as a proud testament to the transformation of an industrial wasteland into the new epicentre for education and entertainment in Luxembourg. This vibrant district is home to numerous pivotal institutions, including the University of Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Learning Center, and the Rockhal.


At 42, the learning approach is centred around seeking practical solutions to real-world problems. This approach is evident right from the beginning of your journey at 42, starting with the Piscine program.

During the Piscine and throughout your time at 42, you are encouraged to think independently and work with computers to solve challenges. It’s important to understand that no one expects you to have all the answers right from the start. In fact, making mistakes and experiencing failures are not viewed as punitive measures. Instead, they are regarded as valuable learning experiences.

This pedagogical approach at 42 promotes a culture of resilience, problem-solving, and continuous learning, where students are encouraged to learn through hands-on experience.


To gain access to 42 Luxembourg, you’ll have to complete a short series of online games before meeting in person in Belval. Afterwards, we’ll invite you to our “Piscine”, an intense – but fun – 4 weeks of learning, coding, and group activities to see if we’re a good fit for each other.