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Are you working for or volunteering with a non-profit organisation (ASBL), a SIS, or a foundation and would like to improve your processes and IT equipment? Then come and discover the SOCIALware program! 

SOCIALware is a non-profit organisation established in 2007 that helps associations acquire the technology they need to fulfil their mission.

SOCIALware offers access to software (including collaboration, cybersecurity, management, and more), computer hardware, IT services, consulting, and digital awareness resources either for free or at greatly reduced prices. This initiative of providing computer donations is made possible through the cooperation of a worldwide network, with SOCIALware being a key member of this network, known as TechSoup.

On to the agenda: 

  • Brief presentation of the Part&Act program by IMS Luxembourg 
  • Presentation of the SOCIALware program. The SOCIALware team will detail its donation program. 
  • Questions and answers 

Language? Event in French

Where? Video conference. (connection links will be sent to participants in due time and no replay will be available at the end of this webinar)

For whom? All employees whose organisation is an associate member of IMS