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Fit 4 Digital is a programme offering guidance and co-funding to businesses spearheaded by Luxinnovation and supported by the Ministry of the Economy.

It comprises 2 phases:

  • Phase 1:  businesses have the option of having a consultant provide an assessment of their level of digital maturity, in terms of IT infrastructure, cybersecurity and software. The assessment is accompanied by a detailed plan listing various costed actions (consultancy and investment in hardware/software) that could be implemented to improve the business’s digital readiness.
  • Phase 2: the business then chooses whether or not to implement all or some of the recommendations listed in the detailed plan.

How to apply?

The business must file a Fit 4 Digital application (see ‘Forms / Online services’ herebefore accepting a quote that binds it to a consultant.

The application process comprises the following steps:

  • the business chooses the consultant with whom they wish to work, and files their grant application/Fit 4 Digital application through the Luxinnovation online platform;
  • Luxinnovation confirms the eligibility of the business’s application;
  • the business submits the grant application to the Ministry of the Economy;
  • the Ministry of the Economy confirms receipt of the application.