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Check out all the latest news on digital skills and jobs in Luxembourg and Europe!

Text on a white background, with an illustration of a PC and flying objects, and the DSJP logo. Text reads: "Digitally mature, enabling, and inclusive education: challenges & opportunities for training providers, schools and academia"

Digitally mature, enabling & inclusive education: challenges & opportunities – a deep-dive

  Providing inclusive, digitally mature education pathways to learners in a rapidly evolving digital world represents a true challenge for the education system. Institutions and policy-makers need to address a multitude of challenges including curriculum change, educator capacity, or the provision of infrastructure, operational devices, and connectivity. A range of opportunities to adapt current, existing …

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Cedefop: Going digital means skilling for digital!

As the European Union embraces rapid digital transformation, the demand for digital skills is skyrocketing. Digital tools transform businesses, offering global reach and operational efficiency. Despite awareness, only 53% of EU firms invested in digital transformation in 2022. The pandemic accelerated this shift, emphasizing the need for a digitally ready workforce for successful digital transformation. Using …

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AI4T – Artificial Intelligence for and by teachers

Implementing innovative methods to train teachers in using artificial intelligence resources in education. The AI4T (Artificial Intelligence for and by Teachers) project aims to implement innovative methods to train teachers in using artificial intelligence resources in education. The project is a collaboration between France, Slovenia, Italy, Ireland, and Luxembourg, and it focuses on contributing to …

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An illustration of a woman sitting in front of a computer, with text. Text reads: "Mind the Cyber Skills Gap: a deep-dive into cybersecurity"

Mind the Cyber Skills Gap: a deep-dive

When we talk about new, emerging technologies, we tend to wrap them up together. Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Robotics all blend into one big digital cacophony of terms that few of us understand – whether this is due to the difficulty or novelty of the technologies themselves. While cybersecurity often …

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Digital Europe Programme new call

Digital Europe Programme: Apply now for the 5th Call for proposals!

On 21 November, the European Commission has opened applications for the 5th round of DIGITAL Europe Programme call for proposals on Advanced Digital Skills. A total budget of €42 million will be allocated to design and support: Specialised education programmes in key capacity areas and Advanced Digital Skills Analysis: these two calls will build on the experience of …

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Master in Data Science celebrates its first graduates

Initiated in 2021 at the University of Luxembourg, the Master in Data Science conferred its inaugural diplomas upon a cohort of 14 recent graduates. Rooted in a multidisciplinary framework, the program explores diverse facets of Data Science, including mathematical statistics, statistical learning, programming, modelling, data management, and beyond. The primary objective is to furnish a …

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Digital Jobs: a deep-dive

Summary The impact of digitisation on life and the world of work in our society has led to the emergence of digital jobs, a reflection of changing trends and needs in the labour market. The variety of jobs where digital technology plays a main role is constantly growing as more and more activities rely on …

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Two New Luxembourg Initiatives For More Data Literacy And Skills

Established by Steve Albrecht, LuxData supports businesses in harnessing the power of data analytics, leveraging Open Data associated with Luxembourg to glean fresh insights. Albrecht provides further details about his enterprise and the community platform, Data Studio Luxembourg. How does LuxData promote data literacy in Luxembourg, and what are their notable data projects? Launched in …

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A banner with the logo of the European Council and the DSJP, with text. Text reads: Digital skills and competences and successful digital education and training: fit for the digital era

Council adopts a set of recommendations for successful digital education and improved provision of digital skills and competences

On 23 November 2023, European Council adopted a set of recommendations to drive forward the digital transformation of education and training systems in Europe – and ensure the competences and skills of EU citizens and the labour force are fit for the digital age.  The set of recommendations (let’s call it a package) that the …

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Call for Participants: Luxembourg’s Exclusive Female Talent in Finance and Technology Program

Do you want to leap into a new profession or position in the financial and technology sector? Join the Luxembourg Tech School (LTS) for a 6-month long mentorship program, where industry experts will guide, support, and mentor you.  During the program, you will:  > Get personalised coaching and a guided curriculum. > Learn new skills through interactive learning paths and …

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A banner with an illustration of a person with data elements (laptop, cloud) floating around. Banner states: All things data: a skilled workforce in a data-driven future?

“All things data: a skilled workforce in a data-driven future?”: a deep-dive

As the future of work is increasingly looking more and more data-driven, several questions naturally emerge. How can we prepare our workforce to be more skilled at working with data? EU policy has followed market trends, by pooling investment for a data-driven economy. This approach foresees more data sharing within organisational ecosystems that consolidate and …

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logo of the Advanced digital skills programme with a cartoon colourful man using a computer

DIGITAL funding for Advanced Digital Skills is on its way

Advanced Digital Skills trainings will be at the centre of the upcoming new Digital Europe Programme (DIGITAL), an ambitious EU funding programme aimed at bringing digital technologies to businesses, citizens and public administrations. The focus of DIGITAL is to fuel investments in supercomputing, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, advanced digital skills, and ensuring a wide use of …

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