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The Digital Skills and Jobs Coalition comes from an initiative from the European Commission with the Member States.
The main goal of creating coalitions is to bring together the Member States, companies, social partners, non-profit organisations and education providers, who take action to promote digital skills in Europe.

The National Coalitions play also an important role in helping the EU reach the objectives set out by the Digital Decade: increase the number of Europeans with basic digital skills, making sure that 80% of Europeans have at least basic digital skills by 2030. The local initiatives carried out by the National Coalitions are key to achieving this goal.

In this regard, in 2022 the European Commission started a Structured Dialogue with the EU Member States to discuss how to bring new digital technologies to education and help people improve their digital skills. Each EU country has nominated a National coordinator who ensures the participation of all the relevant ministries, organisations and initiatives such as the National coalitions.

What about the DSJC Luxembourg?

The Digital Skills and Jobs platform in Luxembourg is the « one-stop shop » for all training and news on digital skills and opportunities in Luxembourg.

The Digital Skills Coalition shares and promotes digital skills initiatives to encourage matchmaking, support growth and increase outreach.