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Check out all the latest news on digital skills and jobs in Luxembourg and Europe!

Our 5 tips to improve your digital skills this summer

Summer is no longer just round the corner, as if the recent heatwave in Europe did not serve as a reminder of this. Scorching temperatures made the headlines in virtually all EU Member States, highlighting the need for urgent action and full mobilisation of green and digital solutions. So how can we make sure new …

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Embracing the Tech Frontier: our main takeaways from the OECD’s 2024 Digital Economy Outlook

Each year, the OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development) publishes its Digital Economy Outlook (DEO). The 2024 edition is split in 2 volumes, with Volume 1 published on 14 May. Goal of the report? To highlight the trends that have driven and will undoubtedly drive further forward, the future of digital economy in Europe …

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Results of the European Year of Skills

About the European Year of Skills The European Year of Skills aimed to address skill gaps in the EU by focusing on digital and green technology skills. Through national and EU initiatives and funding opportunities, it supported reskilling efforts, particularly for small and medium enterprises. Various stakeholders, including the European Commission, Member States, and education …

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#EUYouthWeek 2024 kicks off, Promising a stronger Europe by 2030

Get ready for the 2024 edition of the European Youth Week (EYW), a biannual event organised by the European Commission to promote youth engagement and active citizenship! The EYW campaign encourages young people’s involvement in decision-making, fosters dialogue between young people and policy-makers, and ultimately emerges in the light of the talents and projects of …

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Extension of the Digital Skills & Jobs Platform activities (Call for tenders)

On 23 April 2024, the Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) published a Call for Tenders with an estimated budget of 8 million euros to maintain and improve the European Digital Skills & Jobs Platform under the Digital Europe Programe (DEP). The tender aims to enhance the platform’s functionality through technical maintenance, content creation, and …

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Apply for the SME Digital Awards by 29 October!

The European DIGITAL SME Alliance invites SMEs to apply for DIGITAL SME awards that recognise solutions and initiatives that have a positive impact on three main areas: Category of digital skills: Celebrate outstanding projects, stories, and initiatives that promote digital skills in Europe. Some examples include education and training on digital skills, digital and media …

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Une bannière violette avec une illustration d'un groupe de personnes. Le texte de gauche se lit comme suit: «Compétences numériques et déplacements: les compétences numériques et l’accès au travail numérique en tant qu’élément central des politiques européennes en faveur des réfugiés

Digital skills and displacement: digital skills and access to digital work as a central part of European refugee policies

Global population displacement is a key issue in our modern world with conflict and climate change forcing many people to leave their home regions or countries. Refugee populations are set to rise with the number of people in Europe who have been forcibly displaced or who are stateless projected to rise to 24.9 Million people …

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Digital skills, published Operational Plan 2023-2026

The third update of the Operational Plan is the result of the annual monitoring cycle, the 2023 report of which was consolidated on 18 December at the meeting of the Technical Steering Committee of the Digital Republic. In addition to defining the measurable objectives pursued under each strand of intervention, it also highlights the main …

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Coding and Programming Skills in the Age of GenerativeAI: a deep-dive

Generative AI,  a sub-discipline of Artificial Intelligence is concerned with applications where a computer simulates the human ability to create and produce – whether this is human language, or human creative expressions (like drawing, composing music, etc.). The best example of a Generative AI that has been making waves recently is ChatGPT, a Large-Language Model …

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Vue d’ensemble des compétences numériques — Financement disponible au Luxembourg

Available funding in Luxembourg

Background information    Funding opportunities for upskilling and reskilling to support the digital competences of individuals and organizations are available in form of loans, grants and financial instruments. For the period 2021 – 2026 most of the activities in digital transformation are financed through Recovery and Resilience facility but also as activities in Horizon, Erasmus+, ESIF …

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Digital inclusion in the focus of eCitizens Week

Forthe ninth consecutive year, the Digidel network stresses the importance of digital inclusion through eCitizens’ Week, which consists of a multitude of events centred around audience engagement with the digital public service. Register your activities for eCitizens’ Week here Making digital services simpler The primary objective of promoting digital inclusion is to facilitate interaction between …

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Commission welcomes political agreement on Cyber Solidarity Act

The European Commission has welcomed a recent political agreement between the European Parliament and the Council regarding the Cyber Solidarity Act proposed in April 2023. This act aims to enhance cybersecurity across the EU, particularly in response to evolving cyber threats influenced by geopolitical events. The Cyber Solidarity Act includes three actions: European Cybersecurity Alert …

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