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Forthe ninth consecutive year, the Digidel network stresses the importance of digital inclusion through eCitizens’ Week, which consists of a multitude of events centred around audience engagement with the digital public service.
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Making digital services simpler

The primary objective of promoting digital inclusion is to facilitate interaction between people and technology. It is crucial that society’s electronic services are intuitive and easily accessible. Many encounter obstacles when everyday tasks require e-ID or when they encounter technical difficulties due to cognitive problems. Access to the internet and modern technologies is also a critical factor in reaping the full benefits of the digital world.

Professionals such as community counsellors, librarians and digital tutors play a crucial role in helping individuals navigate in the digital world. For example, DigidelCenters offers centralised digital support, while some municipalities have “digital fixers” visiting older citizens to provide them with a practical overview of digital technologies.

The importance of media literacy

As our daily lives become more and more digitalised, it will be necessary for everyone to be able to interpret and understand a variety of media forms. Libraries across the country support media and information literacy (MIK), which is essential for people to process and analyse the ever-increasing flow of information.

Joint efforts during eCitizens’ Week

ECitizens’ Week creates a platform for stakeholders to show how they contribute to making digital services more accessible to the public. The objective of the Week is to promote digital inclusion by focusing on public e-services. DIGIDEL stresses that the experience of each individual is crucial to successfully digitise our society.

Participation events during eCitizens’ Week shall be free of charge and accessible to all. Each event is funded locally, while the Digidel network monitors and coordinates the events.

October also marks the EU’s month for information security, with initiatives such as “Think Secure” by the MSB and the Swedish Police. In addition, Digital Day, launched by the Forum for Transition, is celebrated alongside eCitizens’ Week.

Register your activities for eCitizens’ Week here

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