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This year, the Digital Skills and Jobs Platform introduces a ground-breaking series of online events, the “Digital Skills Talks”, aimed at broadening its reach and engaging a diverse audience through immersive online interviews.

A Novel Approach: Breakfast, Lunch, and Afternoon Tea Discussions with Digital Skills Experts

The Digital Skills Talks redefine conventional online events, offering participants a unique opportunity to accompany their breakfast, lunch, or afternoon tea with engaging discussions led by industry experts and thought leaders in the field of digital skills. The series is designed to be LIVE on the @DigitalSkillsEU Facebook channel, ensuring an interactive experience for a dynamic exchange of ideas within a maximum timeframe of 30 minutes.

A Series of Insightful Conversations: Mark your calendar for Six Online Talks 

Six online talks are organised for the upcoming months, each featuring a prominent expert at the forefront of the digital skills landscape. Experts will share invaluable insights, discuss the latest trends, narrate success stories, and offer their vision for the future of digital skills. The episodes will cover hot topics in the digital world, including AI, Cybersecurity, Women in Tech, Virtual Worlds and much more. Stay tuned!

Fostering Real-Time Interaction and Community Building

The Digital Skills Talks don’t merely aim to inform and inspire; they provide a unique platform for real-time interaction. Participants can ask questions, share thoughts, and connect with like-minded enthusiasts, contributing to the creation of a vibrant online community passionate about advancing digital skills.

Save the date for the first episode on ‘Artificial Intelligence Skills and the Future of Jobs’! 

On Wednesday, 31 January, 2024 at 09:00 AM CET, we will launch the first episode of the series: “Artificial Intelligence Skills and the Future of Jobs”.  We will host Dr. Andrew Tuson, Lecturer at Warsaw School of Computer Science, to talk about the AI-related skills demanded in today’s labour market.

Find more information on the first episode in the dedicated page and fill out the form to confirm your registration!