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About Digital4Business

In the world of digital technology, the Digital4Business project is the perfect ally for SMEs and companies. Launched in December 2020 and supported by the DIGITAL Europe Programme, this four-year initiative is led by a consortium of 15 partners representing 7 EU countries. The project aims to create a special European Master’s programme aimed at digital upskilling across many industries. Digital4Business will help businesses achieve long-term competitiveness and sustainable growthBy championing digital transformation and innovation, the project wants to cultivate a culture of excellence in advanced digital skills, ensuring companies are well-equipped for the challenges of the future.

The Digital4Businnes masters programme 

Digital4Business aims to deliver a tailored programme empowering European professionals with advanced digital skills essential for business success. Designed collaboratively by companies and top universities, this unique master’s initiative fast-tracks digital transformation, equipping leaders to navigate the evolving digital landscape confidently. What makes the programme unique:

  • The Master programme aims to bridge the digital skills gap hindering European businesses, especially SMEs. 

  • Concentrates on essential areas: AI, cybersecurity, cloud computing, data analytics, and digital transformation

  • Offers elective modules in emerging technologies like Blockchain, IoT, and quantum computing.

  • Flexibility: Available in both part-time and full-time online formats, including physical workshops, seminars, and networking events.

  • Provides academic accreditation, industry certification, and microcredentials.

  • Incorporates work-based learning, employability, and mobility programs for students.

Tailored to bridge the gap between higher education and the job market, the programme is designed with industry standards, flexibility, and individualization in mind. The first Digital4Business Master is planned to be launched in January 2024!

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