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Established by Steve Albrecht, LuxData supports businesses in harnessing the power of data analytics, leveraging Open Data associated with Luxembourg to glean fresh insights. Albrecht provides further details about his enterprise and the community platform, Data Studio Luxembourg.

How does LuxData promote data literacy in Luxembourg, and what are their notable data projects?

Launched in 2023, LuxData, a data analytics company in Luxembourg, blends extensive experience in data projects with a commitment to democratizing data skills. In addition to core activities, LuxData utilizes Luxembourg’s Open Data platform to create and share insightful dashboards freely with the public. Notable projects include dashboards on national statistics, the 2023 municipal elections, and the Luxembourgish Government’s budget. Emphasizing approachability, LuxData encourages the public to suggest dashboard topics, fostering an inclusive and accessible approach to data exploration.

What’s the role of Data Studio Luxembourg in advancing data analytics and literacy in Luxembourg?

Founded to address the growing demand for IT and Data Analytics expertise and to bridge skills gaps in Luxembourg, Data Studio serves as a dynamic initiative for data inclusion, up-skilling, and re-skilling. Its overarching mission is to enhance data literacy across the nation, providing an accessible and engaging platform for learning data analysis—welcoming both professionals and those eager to acquire new skills.

Driven by a commitment to sharing passion and knowledge about Data Analytics, Data Studio actively supports individuals in developing their data literacy and analytics skills. The initiative places a strong emphasis on community, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds who share a common interest in data. The aim is to foster an environment where experiences can be shared, and innovative ideas can emerge.

Through a range of activities such as workshops, webinars, meet-ups, and the sharing of best practices, Data Studio plays a crucial role in building and shaping a vibrant data community in Luxembourg. Everyone is encouraged to join, participate, and contribute, becoming an integral part of this collaborative and evolving community.

Source: Silicon Luxembourg ( Louis Juste, December 13, 2023)