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The Kid Actions Educational Toolkit is a comprehensive resource designed to address the critical issue of cyberbullying among children and young people. Developed for both formal and non-formal educators, this toolkit comprises 20 educational activities aimed at learners aged 11 to 19.

The activities are carefully categorized into three focus areas: understanding cyberbullying, preventing cyberbullying, and responding to cyberbullying. By utilizing this toolkit, educators can engage learners in a range of age-appropriate activities that foster social and emotional learning skills, such as self-awareness, responsible decision-making, and relationship skills.

Accessing the Toolkit

The Kid Actions Educational Toolkit materials are freely accessible and downloadable from the website. The user-friendly interface allows educators to filter activities based on the focus area, age of learners, and social-emotional learning topics. Additionally, language options are available, with versions in English, Italian, and French. Each activity is accompanied by tags that indicate the recommended age group, focus area, and relevant social-emotional learning topics. The filter categories can be easily cleared by clicking on the cross icon next to the respective tag.

Activity Details

Clicking on an activity provides a detailed overview of the key information required for organizing and running the activity. This includes learning outcomes, key vocabulary, required resources, and key questions to facilitate meaningful discussions throughout the activity. Full activity instructions can be downloaded from the provided link at the bottom of the page. Some activities may also include accompanying resources in the form of PowerPoint presentations, which can be downloaded by clicking on the thumbnail image.

Integration with Kid Actions Digital Education Tools

Several activities within the toolkit can be seamlessly integrated with the Kid Actions digital education tools. Further information and access to these tools can be found on the production’s website. It is recommended to familiarize yourself with two supporting guidance documents, namely the “Guidance for Educators” and the “Child Protection Guidance“, before implementing any Kid Actions activities. These documents provide an overview of the toolkit, suggested activities for educators, example pathways based on objectives, and essential guidelines for safely using the digital educational tools. The child protection guidance also includes instructions on handling disclosures from young people.