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The Luxembourg Competence Centre in High-Performance Computing (HPC), in collaboration with NVIDIA and, is hosting online the AI for Science and Engineering Bootcamp for 2 half-days. The first part will be dedicated to theory, and the second part will focus on hands-on challenges on GPU accelerators of the MeluXina supercomputer.

Both current or prospective users of large hybrid CPU/GPU clusters, which develop HPC and AI applications and could benefit from GPU acceleration, are encouraged to participate!

After this course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for science and engineering applications
  • Understand the Classification (multi-class classification) methodology in AI
  • Implement AI algorithms using Keras (e.g. TensorFlow)
  • Use an efficient usage of the GPU for AI algorithms (e.g. CNN) with handling large data set
  • Run AI applications in the Jupyter notebook environment (and understand singularity containers)

Registrations and agenda here