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From September 19th to December 19th, the University will be the venue for the “Let’s Talk100: AI for our Future” debate series, which is being coordinated by Professor Christoph Schommer from the Faculty of Science, Technology, and Medicine in collaboration with Ai.robolab.

Five discussions will delve into the fundamental aspects of our society’s current interaction with AI. Within each discussion, one expert will advocate for a specific AI use case in society, while another expert will present arguments against it. Additionally, each debate will include impartial speakers responsible for moderating and ensuring a balanced discussion between the two experts. The guest speakers have been drawn from various fields of expertise, both within Luxembourg and across Europe, offering a diverse range of perspectives.

To bookend the event, there will be a voting process at the outset and conclusion to ascertain the audience’s initial standpoint and to determine which speaker presented the most compelling arguments. Questions can be posed in English, Luxembourgish, German, or French.

  • 19 September: Generative AI as an opportunity for education?
  • 29 September: AI and medicine/healthcare: a promising togetherness?
  • 24 October: AI and arts: Does this go together for an artificial creativity?
  • 21 November: AI and ethics hand in hand?
  • 19 December: AI for our future – are we on the right track?