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Finnovation Hack, where finance and technology meet!

Organised by the SnT Interdisciplinary Research Centre at the University of Luxembourg in collaboration with TechSense from The Dots, this event promises to change how you think about innovation. Immerse yourself in a day of inspiration, teamwork, and the acknowledgement of undiscovered possibilities, alongside around 200 young professionals. You will embark on an exhilarating journey into the transformative landscape of generative AI within the financial sector.

Finnovation Hack opens the door to:

  • Developing inventive solutions with the support of experienced mentors.
  • Presenting your ideas to influential figures in the industry and highlighting your skills.
  • Engaging in competition to seize prizes valued at up to €10,000 and establishing potential partnerships with prominent organisations.

Sponsorship Invitation – Enhance your brand’s exposure!

  • Demonstrate your dedication to innovation within the dynamic convergence of finance and technology.
  • Connect with top-tier talent and industry influencers, cultivating meaningful relationships and partnerships.
  • Increase your brand’s prominence and recognition among the most brilliant minds in the industry.

More details and registration here. (Registrations are open until 21st of November)