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The Pact for Skills is an initiative that was launched in November 2020 by the European Commission as a shared engagement model for skills development in Europe aiming to maximise the impact of investing in upskilling and reskilling. Since then, almost 1000 organisations, among them companies, national, regional, and local authorities, social partners, cross-industry and sectoral organisations, education and training providers, chambers of commerce and employment services, have joined the Pact and large-scale partnerships are to be found in all industrial ecosystems.

The event

This event is an opportunity for interested organisations and new members to learn more about the Pact, it’s benefits and activities. It is a great opportunity to meet colleagues from across Europe dealing with similar challenges and to join the forces in dealing with upskilling and reskilling European workforce. It is structured in two parts: morning panel discussion and afternoon networking event. The full program is available here

Morning panel discussion

The morning programme will start with an overview of the Pact for Skills and its wider policy context. It will cover cross-cutting topics relevant to a wide range of organisations interested in finding out more about the Pact for Skills. The plenary will aim to present the Pact, its aims and the pivotal role it plays in wider EU policy and highlight the benefits of becoming a member. Parallel interactive sessions featuring speakers from the membership of the Pact for Skills will follow. This will grant attendees the opportunity to engage with each other and with other key stakeholders in order to share their experiences with non-members and encourage cooperation with a wide group of stakeholders and potential partners.

Networking event

After the lunch break, attendees will become the main protagonists of the networking event. Through the event website participants will be able to read about other attendees, identify key potential peers for networking and organise one-to-one meetings to help join forces for upskilling and reskilling. Once registered, the platform allows the user to define their availabilities, search for participants, book meetings and chat with other participants, as well as retrieve one’s contacts. Attendees will also be able to meet the coordinators of the Large-scale Skills Partnerships developed under the Pact and learn about the initiatives launched in the different industrial ecosystems.

Join other like-minded organisations and become a member of the Pact too. The membership is free of charge and opens numerous collaboration opportunities with your colleagues across Europe. Register here!

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