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In view of the legislative elections, the Chamber of Commerce is organising a round table on 25 April dedicated to the environmental and digital transitions from the perspective of the development of economic activities. This event will be in French.

Accelerating the ecological and energy transitions in Luxembourg while evolving towards a data-driven economy requires a stronger involvement of companies. Climate change, the scarcity of natural resources and disruptions in supply chains are of concern to economic players. At the same time, the political framework is ambitious with, in particular, the objectives of climate neutrality in 2050, a 55% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 compared to 2005, and the achievement of a 25% share of renewable energy in final energy consumption by 2030.

In order to address the solutions to be implemented as a priority, the Chamber of Commerce event will bring together representatives of political parties and business leaders for a panel discussion. This debate will bring together the concerns of business leaders and the thoughts of candidates from different political parties for the legislative elections.

Online registration for the round table on 25 April 2023