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The open call, funded under the Horizon Europe Framework Programme, is aimed at increasing the share of students choosing ICT and notably semiconductors disciplines and reducing the gender imbalances through a joint action between Higher Education Institutions and SMEs, including start-ups . Consortia can apply for one or both the actions, namely Academic Network and Vocational Training, described below.

Academic Network

The proposed project is required to develop a European Semiconductors Skills Academy: a European network of higher education institutions and relevant industries, including start-ups and SMEs in microelectronics, to address the above issues. The focus should be on increasing the number of enrolled students coming from secondary schools and ensuring the availability, in higher education institutions’ curricula, of topics addressing industry’s needs as well as cutting-edge topics in the sector, for example Chip Design.

The Academy should address, for example:

  • the identification of relevant courses, jointly vetted with the industry partners, starting from existing curricula, or from newly selected cutting-edge topics, which should eventually lead to an automatic recognition of the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) across universities
  • the upgrade of university laboratories for the delivery of the courses identified;
  • cooperation agreements resulting in hands-on experiences in industry and financed by industry as part of the student curricula;
  • the involvement of start-ups and SMEs as beneficiaries of students’ mobility;
  • communication actions and initiatives aimed at the general publi

Vocational Training

The proposed project is requested to define a platform among Vocational and Educational Training (VET) centres, industry, in particular start-ups and SMEs, academia, and social partners to address the need of continuing vocational training to enhance employability, for example, through:

  • the identification of relevant training contents, jointly vetted with the industry partners;
  • bootcamps on specific semiconductors topics vetted by and including start-ups and SMEs;
  • training curricula implying the involvement of SMEs as beneficiaries of technicians’ mobility;
  • recognition of specific hard and soft semiconductors VET curricula across Europe;
  • addressing the gender dimension of employability in the sector;
  • apprenticeships in start-ups and SMEs and online training addressing employability for migrants and immigrants.

Consortia composition:

  • minimum 5 applicants (beneficiaries; not affiliated entities) from 5 different eligible countries.
  • The consortium should demonstrate a good balance between semiconductors businesses and higher education institutions or VET providers in Europe. Research and technology organizations, research centres or foundations, and any other institution active in the semiconductors sector can be part of the consortium.


  • total budget of €10.000.000
  • up to 5.000.000 per project
  • Project duration is 48 months

The planned opening date for receiving proposals is 11 May 2023

The deadline to submit applications is set to 26 September 2023, 17:00 Brussels Time