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The Digital Learning Hub (DLH) hosts training courses in the field of IT (coding, cybersecurity, blockchain, design thinking) and offers an alternative pedagogy to a traditional school.

The DLH is a meeting place for learners and professionals and provides an appropriate infrastructure to foster creativity, peer work and an international culture of learning and exchange, within the context of continuing professional development.

This initiative addresses the 4 pillars of Digital Skills as this is open to everyone of adult age, who wishes to obtain an advanced education in the specialities offered in the various training entities. No special entry requirements and no preliminary qualifications or degrees are required.

The Digital Learning hub is gathering different stakeholders, receiving strong support and long-term investment (premises, equipment, staff, contractors, etc) done by the Ministry of Education and many other partners including: École 42 that offers broad and complex training in programming, WIDE that provided coding and web development classes for youth and adults, D-School, a model from Stanford University that allows heterogeneous groups of students to learn to design solutions to complex problems, Luxembourg Blockchain Lab, an initiative of Infrachain, LHoFT, LIST, SnT and Letzblock to animate the Luxembourg blockchain ecosystem, SECURITYMADEIN.LU, an agency that contributes to the reliability of the Luxembourg economy by providing expertise and extensive cybersecurity solutions to businesses.

In addition to the course catalogue, for employers who are considering sending their employees on vocational training, DLH offers the possibility to create customised training courses according to their needs. The DLH relies on a wide network of external experts and training courses while having a central team that manages the training catalogue.

This initiative has just been launched (2022) but has the ambition to become the main hub for digital skills training in Luxembourg with thousands of adults trained per year.