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In 2018, the Luxembourg Chamber of Crafts and Trades launched the “eHandwierk” programme dedicated to the digital transformation of the craft industry. Created within the framework of the Pakt Pro Artisanat, this service offers concrete guidance and orientation to businesses about digital developments. “eHandwierk” aims to raise awareness among businesses of the challenges of digitalization, to put them in touch with specialized players in this field, to encourage them to take the lead and to support them in their transformation towards digitalization. 

Background and aims

The programme aims to promote and support the digital transformation of a rather traditional sector and encourage small business owners to start digitalizing their companies. The objective is to have a modern, innovative and client friendly crafts sector in Luxembourg.  

This project offers a wide range of services and supports, in order to touch as many companies as possible and offer digital skills for the labour force. Information sessions reach from one-on-one digital coaching to small-scale events like workshops and larger-scale conferences. Written and video material as well as a self-assessment tool complete the offer.

Why is this a good practice? 

“eHandwierk” focusses on a peer-to-peer approach, showcasing business owners that have successfully digitalized their company or its processes.

This enables other entrepreneurs to learn directly from their peers, in a language they understand, and with a focus on the that interest them the most (such as real cost, CEO implication, staff satisfaction, etc.). Advice on financial support and possible partners is given during every consultation. A website completes the information offer and provides a list of questions and answers on the digitisation process, whether it is about e-marketing, the paperless office, digital collaboration, data security or financing. The programme also offers workshops on the various issues surrounding digitalisation, and a self-assessment tool permitting companies to evaluate their digital maturity.

Since the launch of the programme in 2018, almost 500 companies have profited from an on-site consultation on their digital transformation. More than 1.000 SMEs have benefited from our digital helpline (email and phone consultations), and there were more than 3.500 participants at the events (conferences, workshops and webinars) organised in the framework of this initiative. A survey conducted every two years among the Luxembourgish crafts sector and receiving over 1.000 responses shows a marked improvement of the digital maturity of the sector between 2017 and 2021. There is marked uptake of digital tools across all areas: internal processes, production, internal and external communication, as well as cybersecurity.