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J-Way, pioneered as the sixth success story of Technoport, a technology business incubator, has unveiled the second version of its flagship product, J-Publisher. The company provides its customers with software and services that enable them to make full use of digital tools to serve their own business.

Founded in November 1999 by Jean-Marc Boueyrie, a computer engineer who now heads the company as Managing Director, J-Way launched with an innovative concept based on knowledge analysis. The aim was to create customised services with high added value in automatic document production, then customising their concept to the notion of intelligent online forms.

J-way’s products make it easy to create and put online :

  • intelligent forms (SmartForms) ;
  • online procedures complete with validation processes ;
  • expert interview processes ;
  • expert editing and publication processes;
  • service desks and platforms.

The first successes were recorded in 2001 with operational projects involving partners such as the Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications, UCANSS, WATERAIR and ASTRON. Financial support from EUREFI and the SNCI, combined with support from Technoport, enabled the company to transform its concepts into concrete products.

In 2004, J-Publisher was born as a generator of efficient, cost-effective and easy-to-implement online services. The signing of a contract with the Walloon government the same year, to put intelligent electronic forms online, was a major turning point, demonstrating J-Publisher’s competitiveness against industry giants such as Adobe and Microsoft, according to the people in charge of the project. This success paved the way for a series of prestigious contracts, including one with theEuropean Office for Official Publications, for the creation and online publishing of new official forms for the 25 Member States.

The new version, J-Publisher II, stands out for its response to the most stringent standards in terms of accessibility to online forms and services. The designers highlight its particular adaptability to the needs of visually impaired and blind people, while emphasising its relevance to all the key points of an effective online service, while remaining financially accessible to even the most modest organisations.

In Luembourg, in just 12 months, J-way’s one-stop-shop approach has led to the creation of dozens of new procedures and, to date, over 800 procedures have been put online, helping to boost the economy and make life easier for all government departments, citizens, businesses and social players.

The tools developed by J-way are just as suitable for a national administration or a large company as they are for a small organisation (local authority, association, SME, CCI, etc.). Whether it’s putting a few forms online or implementing a large-scale administrative dematerialisation strategy, J-way has a number of tools that are useful for digitalising organisations and governments.

GRU’s User Relationship Management solutions are recognised as being among the most reliable and powerful on the Luxembourg market today.

J-way takes particular care to respect the sovereignty of their customers’ data and to participate in digital inclusion.