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Find all the initiatives related to digital skills for the labour force in Luxemburg

Coding Jobs by NumericALL is a 4-month intensive coding course originally created with WebForce3 to give the unemployed in retraining the opportunity to change jobs and become real junior full-stack developers. This program includes 490 hours of trainer-led coding classes, a 5-day Employability module with workshops focusing on career development and “soft skills”, and a dedicated mentoring program.

Jobseekers registered with ADEM may benefit, according to their profile, from a wide range of free training in order to enhance their digital skills. The trainings, that ADEM offers in collaboration with renowned public and private training institutes, addresses different levels of expertise, starting from more general trainings to discover the wide range of ICT jobs to trainings that enable a direct career entry, such as Java EE or Phyton developer or trainings to obtain different types of Google Professional Certificates.

Click here to discover the digital and IT-trainings that ADEM offers for registered jobseekers.

The INAP Academy’s mission is to promote the professional training of the personnel of the State, the public establishments of the State, the municipalities, the unions of municipalities and the public establishments of the municipalities. Training means, on the one hand, training during the probationary period and continuous training for the personnel of the State and State public establishments, and on the other hand, training during the provisional service and continuous training for the personnel of the communes, the communes’ unions and the communes’ public establishments.

The Digital Learning Hub is a training centre created on the initiative of the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth with the mission to reduce the digital skills gap in Luxembourg.

Their training facility is specialised in professional trainings in various fields of computer science and technologies. The Digital Learning Hub offers two versatile course structures. Our short courses, ranging from 4 to 20 hours, are perfect for individuals looking for rapid upskilling in targeted areas of computer science. Alternatively, our comprehensive learning tracks, encompassing over 100 hours, offer an immersive education, giving learners a deep understanding of a specific topic to optimally prepare them for their desired careers.

The courses are on-premises in Esch/Belval, open to anyone of adult age, whether beginner or advanced, resident or net, with no specific diploma requirements.

The objective of the Basic Digital Skills 2022 program is to support jobseekers with little or no computer skills so that they can enter or re-enter the world of work more easily. The program should enable them to demystify the complexity of computer tools and acquire the basic skills to use computer tools related to the use of a computer, a tablet or a smartphone; In relation to the most commonly used Microsoft Office programs (Word, Excel, Outlook); Related to the use of the Internet, such as writing and sending e-mails, browsing and searching the Internet. The Chamber of Commerce is the project leader. The Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center (LLLC) of the Chamber of Employees is a partner. The administration of the project is entrusted to the House of Training. ADEM is in charge of the selection of participants.

Thanks to a training partnership with Google, 250 of Luxembourg’s jobseekers are receiving free access to training programs dedicated to job-ready skills.

Digital Luxembourg, the University of Luxembourg Competence Center and the National Employment Development Agency (ADEM) have come together to deploy the Google Career Certificates courses & strengthen the nation’s digital economy. With regular access to job seekers & firsthand insight into their needs, ADEM vets & selects participants. Charged with running the course, which is solely virtual, the University of Luxembourg Competence Center brings experience in launching multiple digital learning platforms.

WIDE ANDCO aims to bring new solutions to close the gender and digital skills gap in our society, especially in leveraging International cooperation and bringing new services and innovation to the public and private sectors. The work of WIDE ANDCO includes:

  • Training for the development of digital skills, around coding, for children, youth and women, making diversity its priority.
  • Consulting and project management agency specialising in gender equality. Supports and develops projects promoting gender equality in the world of work and new technologies and develops educational and training programmes.
  • Support and coach individuals and new entrepreneurs in their process of creating businesses and professional retraining towards digital jobs by offering incubation programmes to develop new skills and make a step forward toward creating